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Aloe Vera often conjures up an image of a big green cactus plant which we have often seen in our green space. Requiring very little care, this plant grows into a big shrub very soon. The Natural Aloe Vera Juice has hundreds of vitamins and minerals which are a solution to a lot of our health problems. The Aloe Vera Gel can be extracted from the back of the leaves and can be used for face and hair. In this article, we shall outline some of the best benefits of this incredible plant growing right below our eyes!

This incredible plant is high in antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C, and E. Many of this plant’s therapeutic effects are due to the presence of seven vital amino acids, which work hard to maintain your skin healthy and shining.

What is Aloe Vera?

It is a cactus plant from the Liliaceae family. The aloe we use on our skin in gel form comes from the same plant. There are over 420 distinct species of aloe in the world. A plant called aloe barbadensis Miller is the most often utilized variety for skin issues.

Aloe Vera Juice for Skin

Aloe Vera Juice for Skin

Aloe is used in traditional medicine as a topical gel prepared from the gel-like material found inside the plant’s leaves. The leaves can also be used directly by breaking them apart and pushing out the gel.

Burning Questions –

Can I use Aloe Vera Gel for Face?

Yes, You can use Aloe Vera Gel for Face regularly without any fear as long as it is not drying out your skin.

Can I use Aloe Vera for Hair?

Yes, You can use Aloe Vera for Hair regularly without any fear provided it does not dry out your hair.

Can I Directly Apply Aloe Vera Juice on Skin or Hair?

Yes, pure or raw Aloe Vera Juice can be directly applied on Skin and Hair provided it does not have any harmful chemicals.

Can I drink Aloe Vera Juice Daily?

Yes, you can drink Aloe Vera Juice Daily provided it is of a reputed brand and does not make your stomach runny!

Is Aloe Vera Gel good for Dry or Oily Skin?

Aloe Vera Gel is generally recommended for Oily and Acne Prone Skin, and it has the ability to soothe acne and heal inflamed and infection prone skin.

Can Aloe Vera Gel for Face treat Rashes and Inflammation?

Yes, Aloe Vera Gel is a great healer and can-do wonders for minor rashes, burns and inflammation.

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Benefits of Aloe:

Aloe is a fantastic ingredient for a plethora of skin and hair issues –

1. Burns:

Apply aloe vera gel to the afflicted region up to three times per day for small burns. You may also need to use gauze to protect the region. Aloe Vera gel has healing and soothing properties.

2. Sunburn:

While aloe can help treat sunburn, research suggests that it is ineffective at preventing sunburn, therefore apply sunscreen every day!

3. Minor Abrasions:

If you’ve scuffed up your chin or forehead, apply aloe to the affected area for immediate pain relief and burning sensations. Use it three times daily.

Aloe Vera Gel for Face

Aloe Vera Gel for Face

4. Natural Moisturizer:

Aloe is well-known as a natural moisturizer. It has moisturizing characteristics and absorbs quickly into the skin. Because of its mild texture, aloe vera has shown to be an effective moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin. Aloe Vera for Hair is very useful for softening and soothing the strands.

5. Anti-Aging:

Skin loses firmness as it ages. Fine lines, crow’s feet, and a droopy neck are some of the aging symptoms that become increasingly visible on the face. Aloe might assist you in dealing with this. It aids in the retention of moisture in your skin and restores its brightness. It not only minimizes obvious wrinkles and fine lines on the face but also prevents premature skin aging by enhancing skin suppleness and rebuilding skin cells.

6. Healing Acne:

One of the best uses of Aloe vera is to clear the skin and reduce active acne. Chemical based medicated creams on one side and aloe vera based mix is on the other side – both of which weigh equally in effectiveness. Healing acne with home-based aloe gel is an age-old secret to smooth and glowing skin.

Clear and Smooth Skin

Clear and Smooth Skin

How to Apply Aloe Vera:

The application of aloe depends on the desired result –

1. Olive oil with Aloe Gel:

Take some aloe vera gel and olive oil and combine them in a bowl until they form a mixture. Apply the paste to your face and let it on for 30 minutes before washing with cold water. This is primarily beneficial to treat blemishes and treat sunburns.

2. Aloe Vera Leaf:

Scrape the gel out by peeling off the outer covering of the aloe leaf. Scoop out all of the gel and gently massage it into your skin. The gel’s water content will keep your skin moisturized. This is used to soothe active acne and make it settle down. It also has a cooling effect on the facial skin which prevents further inflammation and rashes.

3. Lemon Juice and Aloe Gel:

Take some aloe vera gel and mix it with some lemon juice. Apply the solution to your face and let it on overnight. Remove it with running water. This is beneficial in lightening age spots, freckles and sunspots.

4. Cucumber Juice with Aloe Gel:

Cucumber helps in soothing inflamed skin and minimizing appearance of pores. This combined with aloe, helps calm active acne and prevents further eruptions.

Aloe Vera for Acne

Aloe Vera for Acne

5. Aloe and Curd (Yogurt):

Curd has moisturising properties and helps lighten blemishes and dark spots. When mixed with aloe, they soothe the skin and make it blemish and scar free.

6. Aloe with Honey:

Aloe and Honey have natural healing and rejuvenating properties. Regular use of a mix of these two helps in reducing infection-causing germs, moisturize the facial skin to remove dryness, boost collagen production for anti-aging benefits, keep the pores tight and closed, reduce active acne and soothe skin inflammations.

Best Aloe Products in the Market:

Mirah Belle Pure Aloe Vera Face Wash:

Mirah Belle is an Organic Skin and Hair Care brand which uses organic and natural ingredients for all their products. The Aloe Face Wash is made with pure Aloe Gel which. It is an excellent face wash for skin soothing and brightening. Aloe helps heal acne and other skin infections. It is one of the mildest face washes available in the market. All products from Mirah Belle are sulfate and paraben free.

Mirah Belle Face Wash

Mirah Belle Face Wash

Badger Unscented Aloe Vera Gel:

Nothing beats the sense of replenishing dry skin with the cooling, soothing touch of aloe. And you won’t have to worry about tackiness with Badger Unscented Aloe Vera Gel since the lightweight gel quickly absorbs into your skin.

Skin Soothing and Softening

Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Badger uses high-quality, organic ingredients. And, according to their Fairtrade promise, you can be confident that their products are created ethically by people paid fair pay.

Coola Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion:

Coola’s intensely moisturizing daily lotion is made up of a variety of natural, antioxidant, and vitamin-rich components. It’s applied as an after-sun lotion, but it also works great as a regular moisturizer.

Soothing Sun Lotion

Soothing Sun Lotion

People love it because it smells amazing and soothes inflammation, leaving only silky-smooth skin in its wake. It’s difficult to find a negative comment regarding this product. Although it is a little more expensive than others, it appears to be worth the extra money.

AROMATICA Organic Aloe Vera Gel:

AROMATICA Organic Aloe Vera Gel is a best-seller because it contains only the good and none of the negative (think synthetics, preservatives, or artificial colors). This assists in emphasizing both your safety and your sustainability. The best part is that a little goes a long way!

Soothing Aloe Gel

Soothing Aloe Gel

NaturSense’s Aloe Vera Gel:

NaturSense’s Aloe Vera Gel is going to become a household staple. This organic and natural gel will relieve any sunburn, burn, or irritated skin. It is cold filtered with charcoal to produce the cleanest, richest aloe vera possible, which is high in proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. This NaturSense rockstar can help you get relief quickly.

Holika Holika’s Lotion:

Holika Holika’s lightweight, nongreasy composition soothes even the most sensitive skin. The gel absorbs rapidly, leaves no gunk behind, and the results continue all day. It’s also extremely hydrating, due to the use of plant extracts like bamboo, cabbage, maize, and watermelon.

Zenovia Skincare Aloe Vera Blemish Soothing Moisturizer:

Aloe is beneficial for acne prone skin. This soft moisturizer lotion contains aloe vera and botanical components that help to decrease redness, mattify shine, and soothe the irritation caused by breakouts. Squalane is also present to moisten and strengthen the barrier. The texture is very lovely and light, making it ideal for wearing under makeup.

Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Aloe Sheet Mask:

Hyaluronic acid, aloe and seaweed extract work together to soothe fatigued and sunburned skin. The firm recommends wearing these sheet masks two or three times each week to reap the maximum advantages, but you could just use them as a post-sun treatment on your next beach vacation.


For thousands of years, people have utilized aloe as a plant treatment for its healing, hydrating, and skin-nourishing properties. It also helps with sunburn and may even keep your skin from flaking. Make aloe your lifelong companion and you shall not regret it one bit!

Aloel is a fantastic multifunctional product to keep at hand, and if you’re unsure which one to choose, aim for organic and chemical-free ones. Remember that using aloe-based product to your skin is not the same as applying the plant straight to your face.

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