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The eyes are the mirror to your soul. For those who look into them for a few extended seconds, can fall deeply in love- with the eyes and the person. Whether you have eyes which are black as the night, blue as the vast ocean, green as the luscious grass or brown as earth – eyes are regarded as the most beautiful aspect of your face. The shape of the eyes, along with the colour really define each and every expression you wish to emote perfectly. In this article, we outline some Make Up Tips for Smokey Eyes in Women.

When it comes to cosmetics, the application can make or break the look. Applying your preferred products correctly and using the appropriate quantity of makeup matters.

What Are Smokey Eyes?

Teen with Smokey Eyes

Teen with Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are one of the most trendy makeup styles since the past few years. It’s no surprise that the younger generation is keen on experimenting with different kind of Smokey Eye Looks. They typically comprise three distinct eye shadow shades: dark, medium, and light. These various hues work together to produce the ideal contoured and dramatic effect.

Smokey eye makeup is a dramatic look that gives the eyes a dark, smokey and a mystic appearance. This type of eye makeup is highly popular, but it should not be applied every day. Instead, smoky makeup is better suited for formal occasions.

Smokey Eyes Make Up Tips –

Kim Kardashian with Smokey Eyes

Kim Kardashian with Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are stunning, but mastering them requires practice. The proper smoky eye makeup suggestions might keep your eyes from turning into hideous raccoon eyes. Unfortunately, we frequently make mistakes with the makeup colours or procedures required to achieve perfection. Smokey eyes are an extremely adaptable eye makeup style that looks great on all eye shapes when done correctly with the appropriate tips and tricks.

We shall teach you how to quickly apply stylish smoky eye makeup in this step-by-step guide and tutorial. It’s ideal for beginners, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot!

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STEP 1: Apply eye shadow primer:

To create long-lasting, stunning eye makeup, you need an eye shadow base. This hidden beauty weapon keeps your makeup in place. This is especially important with smoky eyes because the attention is on your eyes!

Apply it with your finger or a brush, making sure it’s evenly dispersed.

STEP 2: Extend your lashes:

By tight lining your lashes, you can enhance their intensity while visually minimizing any sparse areas. Make your eyes stand out by adding definition and intensity with this method.

Apply a black kajal exactly between your lash line and your upper lid contour to increase the volume of your lashes.

Make Up tips smokey eyes

Make Up Tips – Smokey Eyes

STEP 3: Put on eyeliner:

The perfect eyeliner for smoky eyes will make your eyes pop and your lashes appear longer.

To get a smoky effect, apply kajal along your upper and lower lash lines and mix it in with a brush.

STEP 4: Apply eye shadow:

  1. A) Apply a light-coloured eye shadow to your top lid and brow bone, mixing it in the direction of your temples.
  2. B) Apply a dark-coloured eye shadow on the lid, lower lash line, and outer corner of your eye.

STEP 5: Soften Dark Hues

Soften the dark hue on your lower lash line with a medium-coloured eye shadow.

  1. Using a sparkling eye shadow colour, add highlights to the uppermost portion of your brows and the inner corners of your eyes.

STEP 6: Use eyeliner

To give intriguing depth to your appearance, draw a line with eyeliner.

Apply nourishing care mascara to your lower and upper lash lines to effectively prepare your lashes for mascara.

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Tricks of Best Smokey Eyes –

Even though it may seem natural to apply your foundation first before your eyes, keeping the foundation and concealer last will ensure a perfect finish and smoky eyes you’ll love.

Aishwarya with Smokey Eyes

Aishwarya with Smokey Eyes


No matter how cautious you are while applying your eye shadow, loose or pressed eye shadows have fallout. If you’ve already applied your foundation and concealer, you can bet you’ll be touching it up or clearing it up at least a few times while completing your makeup. When you don’t have a full face of makeup on, it’s much easier to correct any mistakes or fallout.


Not everyone primes, but if your eyelids are glossy, priming your eyelids before applying colour is a must, especially if you’re going to take the time to achieve a lovely smoky eye look. Primer lays down a solid base for adding shadows and developing long-lasting colour. Because you’ll be mixing a lot while applying your smoky eyes, having a nice base will make it much simpler.


When creating a gradient smoky eye effect, have several different hues from the same colour family available to finish the look. For instance, if you’re doing a grey smoky eye, then you’ll need at least three different shades of grey to complete the appearance. You should also keep a highlighter or base colour on hand for highlighting beneath the brow bone and in the inner crease of the eyes.


If you want to get the ultimate smoky eye glam look, use a kohl liner. After you’ve achieved the right colour gradient on your lid, smudge your kohl liner at the base of your lash line. This defines the lids and gives you the smoldering eye appearance seen in so many magazines. You can apply the same thing below your eyes and set it with a complementing powder shadow so that any bleeding liner rests on the powder shadow.


The most crucial expert tip for eyes, especially smoky eyes, is to mix and then blend again. Your colours will seem harsh and unpolished if you don’t blend out your smoky eyes. Blending is essential for establishing a gradient appearance and wanting your colours to be seamless. To mix the colours, use a fluffy brush to make little circles until all sharp lines are gone. Use a new fluffy brush for each colour, or clean the brush after each colour is applied to the eye to avoid blending colour with a shadow you don’t want it mixed with.

Priyanka Chopra - Smokey Eyes

Priyanka Chopra – Smokey Eyes


A smoky eye look isn’t complete without mascara. When building volume, start at the base of your lashes and work your way up. When using mascara on your bottom lashes, use a small amount since too much can make them look clumpy. If you want to apply some to your bottom lashes, pick a waterproof one because eyes tend to moisten during the day and anything worn beneath your eye is naturally prone to smudges.


This step may make a huge impact, especially if you have a smoky eyes make up. The more conventional approach is to use a black pencil liner in your waterline, however, this may make your eyes appear smaller if they are little. Instead of black, use a beige pencil liner. You’ll notice right away how it opens your eyes and makes your teeth whiter. Depending on the hues you’ve used on your eyelids, you may add colour to your waterline using a violet, teal, turquoise, or even a pastel pencil liner.

The Bottom Line –

Keep the remainder of your makeup on the more neutral side, but don’t leave anything out totally. Even if you want to do a dramatic smoky eye, you should apply blush and a lip gloss alongside, but in a milder one because your eyes will be the main attraction. Finish with a little bronzer, a lovely pink neutral blush, and a nude lip gloss or lip colour. That will complete the entire look for the best Make Up Tips for Smokey Eyes in Women.

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