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Handmade soap is softer on the skin because it contains less detergent compounds, which can make you feel dryer than a Delhi Summer Day. It’s also customizable, so you may select the ideal combination of oils, powders, and unguents to suit your specific needs. Organic handmade soap bars have gained immense popularity in the recent years because of their innumerable benefits.

Mirah Belle Soap – The Best Organic Handmade Soap Bars

Looking for Soaps which will soften your skin naturally? Are you sick of your skin being greasy, oily, and pigmented? Do you prefer soaps which are anti carcinogenic and good for the environment too? Well then, we have just the right pick for you!

Mirah Belle Naturals range of Organic Soaps help lighten pigmentation, makes skin soft and infuses it with all the necessary ingredients.

With the Goat Milk, Grapefruit Cleansing Soap, your skin will feel invigorated. The soap, which is designed for oily and pigmented skin, cleans, fights infections, unclogs skin pores, and evens out skin tone! On sensitive or dry skin, goat milk works wonderfully. It works wonders for eczema and psoriasis. Grapefruit oil is extracted by cold pressing grapefruit peel. It’s used as an astringent for greasy skin, as well as to rejuvenate and revitalise the body and disinfect the air. Citrus oils have antibacterial and astringent effects in general. They are excellent skin tonics that improve microcirculation, control skin oil production, and brighten dull skin.

mirah belle organic soap bar

Mirah Belle Coconut Milk Rosehip Anti Aging Soap is best for mature skin. It infuses the skin with collagen and tightens it. Wrinkles and age spots smooth out, making skin soft and supple. Mirah Belle Miracle Charcoal Soap is best for exfoliation and cleansing clogged pores. The Goat Milk Honey Shea Butter Soap is great for sensitive skin. The Black African Soap is meant for infection prone skin. Choose the Mirah Belle Tomato Grapeseed or the Papaya soap to get rid of Pigmentation!

With over 20 varieties of Soaps to suit all skin types – Mirah Belle is our Top Pick for Handmade Soaps!

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Kadambari’s soaps

We envisage heaven smelling like their Mogra Shea Butter soap. The range of organic handmade soap bars are simply outstanding! The high content of fatty acids, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory characteristics of shea butter are just a few of the many advantages. It’s an emollient, which means it can form a barrier over your skin to keep moisture in.


Nytarra offers three different shampoo bars for various needs. They produce their bars with organic components like coconut oil extracts, cocoa butter, and vitamin B5.

Their anti-hair fall bar, which contains neem powder, pine tar, rosemary, lavender, and ginkgo biloba extracts, is one of our favourites.

PaNee – Popular Organic Handmade Soap Bars

We’re going to say it right now. PaNee’s soaps appear to be delectable. Their neem and turmeric soap is our favourite. All nanis and dadis swear by their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal haldi and neem preparations.

If you have reactive or sensitive skin, we wouldn’t use this soap directly on our faces, though it can assist with acne breakouts. Otherwise, always do a patch test to see whether it’s right for your face.

Sustainable Almitra

After a hard day of juggling housekeeping and office deadlines, their green tea soap will soothe the senses. Being a cold pressed soap, they are very beneficial for the skin.

Green tea is also known for its powerful antioxidant capabilities, making this soap an excellent cleanser.

Chennai Soap Manufacturing Company – Luxury Organic Handmade Soap Bars

Extra virgin olive oil is used in the majority of their luxury soaps, which profoundly conditions your skin. You can customise your order on their website, but the calendula and oats soap is one of our favourites. These ingredients also help in soothing rough skin.

Other Popular Handmade Organic Soap Bars –


Wildflower’s handcrafted, sustainable, and natural personal care products assist us in taking care of our skin and removing all of the harsh chemicals. Their packaging is free of plastic, and they are also quite affordable. Their Vanilla Latte Bathing Bar, Earthy Neem Bathing Bar, and other intriguing varieties like Minty Coconut and Tough Charcoal Bathing Bars are all highly recommended.

Nicky’s Nesara

This cosmetics company has a diverse portfolio. They have all that from healthy skin to body care.But first, let’s talk about the handcrafted soaps. They’re devoid of parabens, cruelty, sulphates, and are organic and vegan. Black Bamboo Charcoal, Tropical Cream Coconut Butter, French Flower Vanilla, and Early Earth African Mud are among the soaps available. Their Artisan Collection of 7 Luxury Handmade Soaps is one of our favourites, and it would make an excellent gift.


It’s time to throw out your old soaps and body washes because Organiq is now offering affordable handmade soaps to the general public. Your skin will adore these eco-friendly products because they are natural, vegan, and cold-processed. Why not, right? Neem moisturising soaps, coconut milk shampoo bars, Aloe Vera and French clay soap, and luscious butter are all on the menu.

Orange Bean

Namitha established Orange Bean, which makes handcrafted soaps, bath salts, and lip balms in a variety of flavours. Namitha uses Goat Milk as the base for most of her soaps before adding other ingredients. Her pink clay and charcoal soap, cucumber and mint soap, lavender soap, turmeric soap made with homemade turmeric oil, basil oil, and castor oil are all worth trying. Oh, and our favourites are the patterned soaps, particularly the bird and Magnolia prints. So lovely!

Earthy Soap

Earthy Soap uses natural components like reetha, methi, coconut milk, neem, aloe Vera, and many others that are beneficial to our skin. Bathing soap bars made with papaya, multani-mitti, coconut milk, and neem are available in abundance.


Most commercial soaps aren’t actually soap. They’re comparable to detergents. Parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, triclosan, and phosphorus are examples of substances that irritate and dry the skin. Some of these substances have a link with hormone disruption and cancer. Aside from being bad for your skin, using a commercial soap bar dries up your skin and pollutes rivers and streams. Natural soaps, on the other hand, are as gentle on the environment as they are on your skin.

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