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Women always have a lot to say, a plethora of opinions and we love to Google everything new we hear about! It is an inherent characteristic in each and every one of us. So, with a tad bit of time at hand, some research skills, a flare to write and a quest for knowledge, I decided to launch Gust Chimes in the Summer of 2022. This Blog covers Beauty Tips, Skin and Hair Care, Sex and Marriage, Relationships and Dating Advice, Weight Loss Recipes, Health Tips, Fitness Routines and Physical Abuse.

Best Beauty Tips, Skin care Tips and Hair Care Advice

Beauty Tips – For A Beautiful You!

Nothing can begin without a woman’s innate desire to look good. We just don’t stop at ‘good’ but go a step ahead to be ‘beautiful’. While each and every one of us is beautiful in our own way, there is no harm is trying to preserve and enhance this gift. Whether it may be perfect skin or striving for long beautiful hair, we all are constantly coming up with ways and means to find beauty tips and products which work effectively.

At Gust Chimes, we shall discuss several natural remedies for skin care. Out Beauty Tips include skincare routine for oily and blemished skin. We also cover skincare routine for dry and rough skin. Not to miss – skincare routine for acne prone skin. If Skin is taken care of then Hair care cannot be left behind. We strive to be one of the best beauty and health blog for women in India. Not only skin, we also aim at becoming one of the best hair care blogs in India.

Skin Care Tips and Hair Care Blog

Whether you are suffering from oily skin issues, acne, breakouts, scars, pimples or your skin feely dry and rough to touch, we have a homemade and natural solution for you. We shall also discuss ways to keep age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin at bay. Persistent issues like dandruffhair fall, dry and frizzy hair or even oily hair all have a remedy. Luckily, I am going to figure it all out for you! Together, we shall make Gust Chimes one of the best beauty blogs for Indian Skin.

Woman with Beautiful Skin
Fashion and Style Trends

Get Into The Fashion Game!

Beauty cannot be complete without a dash of fashion. Whether it may be keeping up with the style trends, looking up who is wearing what to make up tips and tricks for women, we have it all for you at one place! If you are looking for some budget friendly options which are safe to use and yet make you stand out from the crowd, you are at the right place!

Not only shall we take care of correct fashion choices but also make sure that it does not hurt your pocket. A lot goes into getting those Smokey Eyes or selecting the perfect Tint for your Lips. While you have me to figure that out for you, there is really nothing to sweat about! Being the best beauty and health blog for women, you are at the right place for all your fashion needs!

Women in Fashion

Get That Perfect Body – Health and Fitness Tips!

Much has been written about Health Tips, Fitness Routines and Weight Loss Remedies. Most Health Tips available in the public domain are difficult to follow or do not suit you. Getting customized fitness tips can be expensive and time consuming. However, continuously upgrading your knowledge about health and fitness tips, and trying to follow bits and pieces of it always works!

Health and Fitness Tips – As much as we take care of our exterior self, it makes no sense if you are not healthy from within. The importance of being healthy, aware and proactive cannot be stressed enough. While you may think that you are taking care of yourself, eating well and going out for regular walks, often things are brewing inside of you regarding which you don’t have a clue. Then suddenly something hits you out of the blue and you are at a loss what to do! Having personally suffered such circumstances in life, I have made it a point to keep myself abreast of all important diseases, their symptoms and treatment options. At Gust Chimes, we bring to you important heath tips for you and your family.

In this section, we shall not only touch upon health issues but also various health and fitness tips to keep your body fit. Whether it may be outlining a workout routine for weight loss for beginners, pregnancy issues, parenting tips or even Yoga Asanas for weight loss for beginners to experts, we have a health tip for all body types across ages. There will be some diet recommendations and delicious recipes that you can try at ease. A lot has already been written about health, fitness tips, exercise plans and yoga, here you will find comprehensive plans suitable to your individual needs.

Relationship Advice – Sex and Marriage, Domestic Violence, Sexuality

Raise The Temperatures!

While we shall discuss greatly about physical well being, emotional happiness cannot be left behind. Holistic happiness can only be achieved through physical, emotional and spiritual happiness. It is only then that your mind, body and soul are aligned and at peace. We shall discuss about dating tips, sex and marriage, sexuality and domestic abuse at Gust Chimes.

The relationships we share with our spouse, partner, parents, siblings, friends and even colleagues play a pivotal role in shaping up our personality. While all relationships have their ups and downs, it’s essential to find a balance and be content with what we get. Since we do not have much control on other people’s actions or decisions, its best to accept them as they are.

Sex and Marriage

One of the most important relationships that each of us experiences in our lifetime is that of a partner. We connect on an emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual level with that person. Whether it may be a man or a woman, whenever sparks fly, both get carried away with its intensity. Sex and Marriage is one of the hottest topics worldwide. Most people are lucky to find true love. While some cherish and nourish it to fulfilment, there are some who do not value it – and then often regret it.

Physical Abuse

Physical Abuse is another topic which we shall touch upon in detail. Whether it may be domestic violence, economic abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse or emotional abuse, all will be discussed here in detail.

Here we shall discuss upon adjustment and marriage advice for newly weds, dating tips for women in India, romantic gestures, physical abuse survival tips, life after divorce and many more real life situations which we experience. Come to this section if you need the need to explore your sexuality, need to mend a broken heart or simply understand different nuances of relationships which define us as a person.

Physical Abuse is prevalent across economic and social fabrics in our society. Tolerating it day in and day out is almost as bad as suffering it. Whether it may be a slap or a push, any form of physical assault should never be acceptable.

Man and Woman in Love

Who Am I?

My name is Shivani Kapur. Even though my origins are Indian, I am a Wanderer in my Heart and Soul. Deep down, I am a writer at heart, an engineer by qualification and a Soap Crafter by Profession. In addition, I run a Clean & Natural Beauty Brand by the name of Mirah Belle.

I am a fiercely independent woman who loves to stick by the right. I am borderline feminist but definitely not a man-hater! Often in tangles, I have managed to crawl out of sticky situations in life. Am blessed to have a great support system of friends and family by my side! Those who know me call me strongly opinionated… those who really know me call me a sweetheart.

Shivani Kapur - Writer

I love listening to soft music (old school 80’s and 90’s – Phil Collins, Mariah Carey, Lionel Ritchie and MJ!), love Chinese food, respect an intelligent conversation, don’t appreciate being taken for a ride…. but most importantly… I love those who can make me laugh 🙂

This blog has little bits of me in each and every piece that I write…

I welcome you and would love to make you a part of this Journey called Life.

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