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Couple goals in today’s day and age go much beyond the conventional. In earlier times, couples in love were there for each other, supported through tough times and eventually settled down. But now, the expectations are higher, desire is vocal and patience is limited. While it is true that love is nurtured over time; effort also plays a big role in cementing that bond. Taken for granted, being lied to or simply being ignored is a strict No! The basics of Relationship Goals is – What you give is what you get. Partners are romantic and forthcoming about their feelings, likes and dislikes.

Even though some of this may sound crude, however it is nothing but a glaring reality. Couples in Love have the softer edges towards each other when the relationship is new. As and when time goes on, the edges tend to sharpen. There comes a time when these become razor sharp. It’s this time when they start to cut into the relationship and make it bleed. In order to apply a balm at such times, certain Couple Goals need to be set so that the edges come back to their softer self.

Couple Goals – For the Perfect Relationship

Below are a few ideas which are a sure shot way to please your partner. Whether you are getting over a discord or simply want to liven the romance, pick a few from the below list and set them in motion!

A Morning Wish Sets the Tone for the Day!

Romantic Morning wishes are special if they are from someone you love. If you and your partner get up at the same time then ‘Morning Wishes’ can be followed by an embrace and some snuggling. If one of you gets up early, then it’s great if you drop a ‘good morning love’ text for the other one when they wake up. It instantly connects the both of you at the start of each others’ day. Even if that connection is for a second, it establishes contact with the most important person in the world! This is one of the most important relationship goals.

Watch a Web Series Together

While you may enjoy ‘Downtown Abbey’ and he may want to watch ‘House of Cards’, try to watch an interesting show together once-in-a-while! There are many shows in a variety of languages that mix drama, action, suspense and thriller. You are sure to find a couple of them which interests you both. Not only does it establish connect, but also gives you something which can hold your attention together. Binge in Romantic TV Shows on Netflix at least once a month to keep your bond strong!

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Take a Short Trip Once Every 3 months

Each of us understands the importance of getting away once in a while. Get on a Romantic or an Adventurous Road Trip together and head to the hills during summers or a beach during winters. A change of scene and a new environment brings great vibes between you and your partner!

Weekend Trips with Your Partner - Romantic Getaway

Weekend Trips with Your Partner

You get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get to spend some quality time together. To break the monotony of our daily life, it’s essential to be exposed to something fresh. What better than to head out for a fun trip with your partner in crime! This is one of the most exciting relationship goals.

Workout Together – Exercising is Motivating!

There can be no greater binding factor between couples who workout together. The motivation stays at an all-time high and there is an innate need to look after each others’ health.

Working out with your partner - Couple Goals

Bonding while Working Out!

Hit the gym or play an outdoor sport together. Get all sweaty and messy together while working out with your partner. Make it Romantic even on the workout floor. Learn different workout modes and postures. Add a bit of yoga or swimming to the mix. Not only does it lead to great couple bonding but ensures that you both look after each other as well!

Go for Double Dates –

Got common friends? Double dates with common friends are a great way to bond with your partner. Even though meeting your own friends is important, it is also important that you make friends whom both of you can bond with. The beauty about common friends is that they know a bit about the hidden side of both of you. So, if there is ever any issue that creeps up, the genuine common friends can be called upon to advice on the matter.

Going out with common friends can be relaxing and put both of you at ease. There are always a multitude of things to gossip about when you go on double dates with common friends!

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Respect each Other’s Friends –

Each of us has our own life and our individual personalities. These personalities are shaped by friends we interact with. While having common friends is great, one should also have personal friends who we can turn to when times get tough. Respect for your partner’s friend is actually showing respect to your better half. If you share a cordial or a friendly relationship with your partner’s friends then you stand to gain in the long run.

Defend each other to Death –

If there is a public brawl or a controversy involving your partner, then you should go all out to protect him or her. The thought of public image or spoiling friendships should never enter your mind. Even if someone is talking wrong about your partner, you should put a stop to it immediately and let the other person know that you will not stand for this. Defending your partner whether he is present or not, is a perfect way to express your feelings. This is one of the most crucial relationship goals.

Go for a Weekly Dinner Date –

Romantic Dinner dates don’t necessarily mean at fancy five star hotels or restaurants.

Frequent Dinner Dates!

Frequent Dinner Dates!

They can also be a visit to the Ice Cream Parlour or a drink at the club. Going out together keeps the bonding alive between partners. If you feel the monotony settling in, it is best to take a break in your daily routine and head out for the evening!

Take a Bubble Bath Together –

Taking a bubble bath together has to be one of the most romantic ways of bonding. Spruce it up with some bubbles and throw in some sea salt with rose petals.

Bubble Bath with Your Partner - Romantic Gesture

Bubble Bath with Your Partner

It creates an intimate atmosphere and gives you and your partner a much needed change! This is one of the most sensuous relationship goals.

Cook for Each Other –

Even if one of you is marginally good at cooking – then it is a win –win for both. Give the help an off for the night and make something special for your partner.

Cooking - Romantic Couple Goals

Cooking – Romantic Couple Goals

Let him or her help with laying the table or getting the wine glasses ready. Food always tastes better if it has a dash of love mixed in it!

Adopt a Pet –

Pets are a great way to bond with your partner. Adopting a pet means looking after it like your own child. You need to feed it on time, teach good manners, get vaccinations, bathe them, take it for a walk and make it feel a part of the household. You and your partner should divide responsibilities in case you do plan to adopt a pet together! This is one of the most domesticated couple goals.

Help each other Financially – 

Each of us has our Ups and Downs Financially. Understanding your partner’s financial issues and helping them out – if you can, is a selfless way to build trust. Not only are you easing your partners problems but also showing a deep rooted compassion. Couples in Love make their partner’s financial problems their own. This is one of the most sound couple goals.

Take a lot of Photos Together –

Pictures are memories and one should make it a habit to capture all the memories they can! Couples in love can make them all the time. Be it at home, on a holiday, at a party or simply while shopping, accustom yourself to the selfie culture with your partner. It may sound childish or embarrassing to some couples, but taking a snapshot of the love you share will make it a memory forever! This is one of the most memorable goals.

Don’t Fight in Public –

Fighting in Public puts down your partner’s respect in a big way. Not only that, you also lose your own respect. You make a mockery of each other out in the public. You give a chance to people to gossip behind your back. There are very few people who actually mean well for you. Others will simply take pleasure in seeing a discord between couples in love. Fights or arguments should always take place behind closed doors and settled amicably.

Stay Loyal –

The most important aspect of a relationship is to be loyal to each other. While there are many temptations outside, but keeping your loyalty intact is paramount. This may be challenging if you are facing difficulties in your present relationship, but stepping out of it even for a casual fling can be detrimental in the long term. You may feel excitement for a short while; but it leaves you with permanent guilt. Things can never be the same once that string of trust is broken. Staying loyal in a relationship ensures peace of mind and emotional stability. This is one of the most important relationship goals.

Loyalty in a Relationship

Loyalty in a Relationship

Due to crunch of time and conflicting schedules, achieving all of these Romantic Couple Goals for Couples in Love may not be a possibility always. However, making an effort, taking out quality time and accepting that giving special attention to your partner is important, is in itself a big leap towards perfecting your relationship!

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