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When you meet someone new, the world around you becomes different too! Life doesn’t seem so mundane anymore. There is an air of positivity and the small monotonous things come back to life. There is increased self awareness and excitement in the air. The instant blood rush followed by waves of happiness continues all throughout the day. You sleep with a small smile on your face while anticipating the good times ahead. Every morning you grab your phone, expecting to see that one single message which will set the tone of the day. It all bogs down to the First Date with that Special Someone. Do you manage to actually make a connection? Is he the Man you imagined him to be? In this article, we shall outline some All-Important First Date Tips for Women!

Best First Date - Audrey Hepburn

Age Old First Date – Audrey Hepburn

Why are First Dates Important?

First Dates are the first one-on-one encounter with someone you are looking forward to make a connection. It goes without saying that if things go positively on your First Date, there is a high chance that you shall continue to your second and third one. However, if things to awry on the First Date itself, then there is very little chance of anything materializing ahead.

On a Romantic First Date

On a Romantic First Date

Burning Questions on First Date Tips for Women –

  • What do I wear on my First Date?
  • Do I flirt on my First Date?
  • Should I hug or kiss on the First Date?
  • How long should the First Date last?
  • Should I tell a Friend before going on my First Date?
  • What if he turns out to be a Psychopath!?
  • What should I Not Say on my First Date?
  • Which is the Ideal Place for my First Date?

These thoughts continue to chase us right up till the date begins and even during the course of it. It is natural to feel a bit anxious and on – the – edge before your First Date. In a way it is good as well. It just goes to show that you are looking forward to meet that special someone and are making efforts to please him.

With my ‘vast experience’ (chuckle) of going on First Dates (ignoring the boyfriends’ scowl 😉 ), I shall try to answer some of the above Burning Questions on First Date Tips for Women!

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What to Wear on my First Date?

Depending on the time of the day of your First Date – I recommend wearing pastel colours during the day and bolder ones at night.

A white or a baby pink or even a lime coloured dress exuberating innocence would be the ideal pick in the Day time for the First Date. Pair it up with mid-size heels and open hair to make sure he doesn’t look any other way!

First Date Outfits

First Date Outfits for Women

Prefer a black outfit at night. Black portrays a strong no-nonsense persona and goes a mile in flattering your figure! Wear a light perfume and keep the make up to the minimal. Accentuate the eyes and the lips as those are arguably the only feature getting the maximum attention on your First Date! Rest assured, the man wants to see how you naturally look and not to contemplate on the brand of foundation or mascara that you own!

Appearance is the first thing you notice about the other person. So it is imperative to get it absolutely spot-on! What to wear, how you look and carry yourself, therefore, tops the charts of First Date – Tips for Women and Men Both!

Do I Flirt on my First Date? 

Flirt on Your First Date - YES

Flirt on Your First Date – YES

Flirting on your First Date is a Definite YES! While it is advisable to not come off as too strong, harmless flirting shows that you are interested in the other person. If you are good at it then you shall have him laughing in no time. Flirting shows that you are confident about yourself and do not hesitate to show your emotions. It shall give him a glimpse of ‘things to come’ if everything goes in the right direction. It is one of the most vital first date tips for girls!

Men find confident women challenging and no man ever backs down from a challenge! Hence, putting your ‘Flirt Cap’ on will go a long way if you really want to take things forward!

Should I Hug or Kiss on my First Date?

Physical Intimacy - First Date

Physical Intimacy – First Date

Physical Intimacy is a ‘touchy’ subject (pun intended) and there is no one way to answer this question. Personally a person like me would go with a dimpled smile and a handshake to greet a person and a sideways hug while departing, but some people could prefer more than that as well.

It all depends on how comfortable you are touching the other person or having them touch you. It also largely depends on how the date went. If you got along well and decide to meet again, then perhaps a small peck on the cheek could do no harm. It is not advisable to take things beyond this on the First Date itself, lest you come off as ‘desperate’ or ‘too-fast’!

How Long Should the First Date Last?

A good First Date will last anywhere between two to three hours. It is time enough to gauge someone, their expectations, train of thought, your compatibility and willingness to take things forward. Usually the first 30 minutes are awkward for both. Whoever is the more confident of the two will surely break the ice within the first 30 minutes and then things should relax a bit.

While there is significant amount of sexual tension during the First Date, one should focus more on measuring compatibility than physical intimacy. The two to three hours which you spend on your First Date should be indicative enough if you want to explore things further with that particular person.

Should I tell a Friend before going on my First Date?

This question again warrants an emphatic YES. Most First Dates in this day and age are set up via Online Dating Apps, hence it is quite advisable to let a friend or two know where you are going and with whom. By no measure am I saying that First Dates with men via Dating Apps is unsafe, but it is always good to keep your own end 100 percent secure.

Leave the coordinates of your location and the contact details of the person you are meeting with a friend close by and keep them on Speed Dial or Last Dial. This will ensure your safety as well as keep you mind at peace!

What if he turns out to be a Psychopath!?

Spot a Psychopath on your First Date

Spot a Psychopath on your First Date

Blame it on watching too many movies or entirely on general perception of unknown men, this question always pops up in the mind of every woman who is going on her First Date. Well the only answer is ‘You can’t stop driving a car for the fear of getting into an accident!’ In the same way, you cannot stop dating in case you do fear running into a psychopath.

The best solution here is –

  1. Have a lot of conversation on various topics with that person before finalizing the First Date. It will give you an insight into his thought process, kinks and reactions to controversial subjects.
  2. Do not take everything he says at Face Value.
  3. Look him up on Social Media to check on his friends and family before meeting.
  4. Refer to our Above Point and tell a friend regarding your First Date Coordinates!

What should I Not Say on my First Date?

Things not to say on Your First Date

Things not to say on Your First Date

While there isn’t much I would advise anyone to hold back during their First Dates as First Dates are about opening up and making a connection. However, there are certain things that one must avoid –

  1. Don’t talk too much about your past relationships. It will make him feel that you aren’t over them yet.
  2. Don’t talk regarding Finances or Money matters. While it is okay to talk about your profession, talking about how much you take home is a strict NO!
  3. Do not get into serious Religious or Political debates.
  4. It is not advisable to talk about Sexual Experiences or Preferences on your First Date. It will come off as too strong!
  5. Don’ Spill Out Secrets on your First Date. It is better to get the other person to earn your trust first before telling him secretive things about yourself!
  6. Marriage and Children is an off-the-limits topic till the relationship gets serious and has a foreseeable future.
  7. Family Troubles are another topic which should be avoided while on your First Date.

Which is the Ideal Place for my First Date?

Candlelight Dinner on First Date

Candlelight Dinner on First Date

The old school person in me says that a candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant with dim lights and soft music would be the ideal place for your First Date. The more modern self in me says that a nice hike up the mountains to a secluded café with a waterfall nearby and an enviable view of the mountains would also be just about perfect.

While it is always advisable to have your First Date at a public place, this rule can be bent a little if you know the person since long. While all Dating Tips for Women focus on personal safety, it is also good to let loose at times and go and have some fun!

My Personal Take –

First Dates have had their place in the Book of ‘Exciting Things to Do Before You Die’ since time immemorial. Be it any gender or age group, it conjures up a general feeling of exhilaration and anticipation simultaneously. Millions are spent worldwide by businesses who are trying to connect two people and get them on their First Date. Movies are made and books are written on First Date Tips for Women.

All things aside, First Dates are Special… and I do hope yours turns out to be as good as mine! 😉

Shivani Kapur

A Writer at Heart, an Engineer by Qualification, and a Soap Crafter by Profession, Shivani does not fear to speak her mind. This blog is a reflection of some of her thoughts, personal experiences mixed with some well researched information. Please feel free to reach out to her ( if you have any questions or concerns :-)


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