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Good Marriage advice for newlyweds can be a start point to a successful marital bliss. For those who walk the aisle with the love of their lives, it can be pure heaven. For those who are relatively unknown, it can be a thrilling yet uncertain adventure. Whatever said and done, marriage is anything but mundane. It is a vow taken by two people to stick by each other through life’s struggles. It is a promise to uphold respect and loyalty despite sticky situations. In order to make a marriage work, it is essential to keep the flame burning. The excitement of looking in each other’s eyes or the happiness in each other’s presence should extend throughout the years spent together.

There are some people who are lucky enough to find their soul mates very early in life. They enter the bond of marriage and go through life together. There are also other who fail through one marriage but find true love in the next one. Marriage is undoubtedly one of the oldest traditions followed world over by different customs and religions. But the challenge here is how to keep the Flame Burning after Marriage. It is essential to make sure that things don’t fall into monotony and the excitement is kept alive.


1)    Communication:

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or friendship is a conversation”.

This quote is the perfect representation of every bond we make in life. It is not restricted to only marriage. Communication is the key to everything. There is no single aspect of life that could be pursued without communication. However, at times, we let our egos or built up notions come in the way and fail to communicate to our partner. This leads to terrible difficulties and damages a sound marriage. One thing leads to another, and ultimately couples prefer to stay silent and do not voice how they actually feel.

In a marriage of equals, it is essential to have a healthy communication. While everyone is good at speaking and making a point, it is also important to be a good listener and take the time  to understand what your spouse wants and needs from you.

2)    Build Trust:

“A good marriage is at least 80% good luck in finding the right person at the right time. The rest is trust”.

In every relationship, trust is a key asset. It is the foundation that shapes a person’s power to engage in a healthy relationship. Trust gives comfort in a relationship because it allows two individuals to learn to rely on one other.

Our trust often gets broken in the course of a long marriage. It is then that we feel that there is no moving on from this. Life comes to a halt and we feel that this is the end of the road. However, it is that time that the marriage vows should be remembered, and pieces should be picked up bit by bit. It is easy to say that you trust someone or that person should trust you. But it is very difficult to carry that responsibility of trust always.

To keep the flame burning in a marriage, it is essential to maintain trust or else one partner will gradually drift away.

3)    Forgiveness:

“Forgiveness is the best form of love”.

We often make mistakes in our day to day lives. Sometimes the consequence of those mistakes spill over to our partner and can hurt them immensely. It may be just a simple word said in anger which can cause a spill of negative emotions. Such circumstances demand maturity, self control and patience. These three can be developed over time and with experience.

forgiveness in marriage

The ability to forgive yourself as well as your partner and move on from a situation is the best thing possible. To be able to look past the bad and nourish the good is a quality not many can master. One always has to understand that when two individuals spend that much amount of time together, it is inevitable to have a difference of opinion. It is never advisable to take it on your ego and fight back every time. Sometimes, taking stuff with a pinch of salt and gulping it down is the perfect solution for unpredictable situations.

Sexual Consent – Right to Say NO! – Gust Chimes

4)    Touch Each Other:

“Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking”

Touching is often considered sexual, but sometimes it can be used to demonstrate affection. Kissing your spouse in the morning, smiling and establishing eye contact communicates that you’re “here” with them.

It develops a sense of understanding between partners. It can also be a way of reassuring that is everything okay.

physical intimacy between couples

Touching establishes physical intimacy and a sense of familiarity. It is vital to keep the flame burning after marriage. Even if you are very sexually active, a light touch or holding hands while watching a movie causes the heart to smile. It this world where there is constant hustle bustle, having someone to reach out to and embrace is God’s true gift.

4)  Travel Together:

“In life, It’s not where you go it’s who you travel with”

Taking a break from the fast-paced world around you can help reignite that spark in your relationship.

couples who travel together

Perhaps one of the reasons you’re feeling trapped in a relationship is because you’re both too preoccupied with your work and don’t spend enough time together. Taking a vacation someplace does not always imply travelling abroad. Going camping or spending the day at the local beach will also go a long way. Spending quality time together and experiencing a new environment does wonders to keep the flame burning in a marriage.

5)   Appreciation:

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul”

‘Thank you’ may be a very small word but it has its weight in gold. It immediately indicates to your partner that you appreciate everything that they do for you. It shows to them that even the small and inconsequential things do not go unnoticed. Being appreciated in a relationship is close to feeling loved. One tends to go out of their way more often once they realize that even their smallest gestures are being noticed and appreciated. This takes away the wretched word ‘granted’ out of the equation and builds a strong bond between couples.

6) Date night:

“Dates got you to a place where you wanted to marry each other. If you want to stay married, Then keep dating your spouse”

Make time every week for a date night, even if it’s simply going out for ice cream or cooking a new meal together. Bring a flower for your spouse and open their favourite wine. Get the candles out of the closet and play some light music. Bring alive a scene from the movies where the world becomes your oyster. Spend time, watch a movie, laugh about silly things which your neighbor did and keep the flame burning in your marriage!

keep flame burning marriage

Excitement during physical intimacy in early stages of a marriage is a near certainty. However, as the years pass by, it loses its charm. People are more focused towards building a career or taking care of their responsibilities. The connection and intimacy between married couples often gets ignored. This results in frustrations and regret building up. The downside is either one of the two seeking comfort elsewhere or both ending up getting separated. To save everyone from such heartbreaks, it is vital to keep the flame burning in marriage for as long as possible.

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